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ipad is coming

January 27, 2010 By: admin Category: ipad

Now its out – just in these moments Steve Jobs is presenting the new miracle Ipad. It can display full Web pages and has a touch-screen keyboard build in that’s almost full size, as Jobs said today at the Apple event in San Francisco.

Steve described the tablet as a “third category” between smartphones and laptops, which is certainly true. It looks like a large iPhone, but can be used in  amuch furhter extent to watch films in high quality, store photos and browse the web.

The large audience is following Steve Jobs how he is using the Ipad to surf in the web, to read emails and to do everything which can make daily life enjoyable. Actually it is a quite logic development that builds on the digital media and mobile technology behind the leading iPod players and the iPhone, and combines the pretty new category of e-book readers from Amazon and Sony.

With the ipad tablet, Apple gets a new business built around its famous iTunes software and store. That gives the company a new fresh way to strenghten the conncections to existing consumers and to find new ones. And indeed, it looks like a pretty and exciting item.  A lot other people have already looked deeply into the ipad story.  Lets see when I can have one…


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